Dynamite Couture Special Training Class and Comp Course at D Tac


Join us on May 2nd at 6:45 pm for a one of a kind experience. You will start off with a 30 minute intimate firearm training class with the legendary Dave Haddock, followed by a 30 minute gun range session, and lastly you will get the opportunity to run through our competition course which is a 360, vertical obstacle shooting experience where you will be scored on your speed and accuracy. You will also receive an additional gun range session with 60 rounds that you can use after or on your next visit!


This training package is the perfect opportunity for Women and Men with all skill levels whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn basic skills and gain confidence or for someone who is experienced but want to improve on their skills.


Be sure to check out our Mess Hall restaurant and bar afterward. We will have our signature “lady in pink” drink available upon request. Our facility is an immersive training facility with No Live Firearms. We provide lockers on site for your personal belongings. Ages 12 and up are welcome to join our class. We look forward to seeing you soon!


*This class is only offered to Dynamite Couture personnel and D Tac monthly members at the moment and is not available to anyone else.


You will be be trained by the legendary Dave Haddock who spent 26 years as a member of the Orlando Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics team, where he served as a sniper and team leader.


The class will include the following:

30 Minute Classroom

Weapons Safety



Sight Alignment / Sight Picture

Trigger Control



30 Minute Range

Familiarization to Range

Load / Unload

Presentation of Handgun

Trigger Reset

Shot Placement


Competition course which is a 360, vertical shooting experience where you will be scored on your speed and accuracy.

Bonus 30 Minute Range (60 rounds of ammo)


There are limited amount of spots for this class, and it's based on first come, first served. Register Now!!! Spots fill up quickly! 


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